Steffen Fritz

KNMDI - Computertechnik: Test-Image Sitzung 27.6.2016

Image des USB-Sticks: Image erstellen unter Linux mit dd: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/sitzung_1_usb.img Hashsumme erstellen mit sha1 sha1 sitzung_1_usb.img > hash.sha1 Image mounten file -s sitzung_1_usb.img parted sitzung_1_usb.img; unit; B; print sudo mount -o loop,ro,offset=1048576 sitzung_1_usb.img /mnt/image

Hacker Magazines - An Overview

When you’re interested in infosec, you are probably looking for some good hacking and infosec magazines. Here is an overview of zines I read on a regular basis. 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly Founded: 1984 Language: English Latest: 2016-06 Level: beginner, advanced Frequency: quarterly Topics: implementation errors, url guessing, politics, activism URL: Price print: $27 p.a. USA and Canada / $38 p.a. overseas PoC||GTFO Founded: 2013 Language: English Latest:

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Siegfried on FreeBSD

Last weekend I ported siegfried to FreeBSD. Siegfried is an advanced file identification tool, using the National Archives UK’s PRONOM and freedesktop’s MIME-info file format signatures. It’s written in Go and compared to other file id tools pretty fast. The port can be found on github, it is waiting to be added to the ports tree.