Steffen Fritz

Conference: DigiBiz

How will business histories be written from digital records? “The National Records of Scotland, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Business History in Scotland (CBHS), is hosting a one day conference on the theme of using digital records for business history research. The conference will be held in Edinburgh on Monday 9th May 2016, and is an exciting opportunity for archivists, historians and technical experts with an

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DigiPress - April 2016

News from the digital preservation community W3C - Packaging on the Web: This document describes an approach for creating packages of files for use on the web. The approach is to package them using a new application/package media type The v1 API specification: on Github warcprox - WARC writing MITM HTTP/S proxy: Fork on Github Do Multiple Listeners to the Public Twitter Sample Stream Receive the Same Tweets?: Microsoft

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Open365 - an open source Office365 alternative

eyeOS, bought by Telefonica in 2014, is developing an open source alternative to Office365. It is called Open365 - not that creative. Nevertheless, it looks good, it feels good and there are sync clients for Linux, OS X and Windows. Open365 provides LibreOffice Writer, Impress and Calc, a calendar and an address book. In the next few weeks eyeOS will provide a download and therefore the possibility to have Open365 on premises.

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